Why I don’t want to eat “healthy” in the New Year

I see so many “healthy” people or resolutions  to be healthy – banning the sweets, sugar, treats, grains…

I don’t want to do that. And I won’t do that.

If anyone ever reads this post: they probably would never agree with me. I don’t care. Click the “escape” button.

I want to LET myself eat. And that includes all foods: foods that the blog-world would shun as “unclean”.

I cannot follow some diet that a blogger/book/magazine tells me too…my body doesn’t want games…it just wants the freedom…freedom.

If you’ve ever had any disordered eating habits (underweight, overweight, orthorexic, etc), I just don’t think eating = “healthy” eating.

And being disordered does not necessarily mean you must have been or are too skinny or too fat…you can appear “normal”…but…

I read an article recently that interestingly spoke about how any one who has ever had disordered eating habits (or has them) shouldn’t restrict or deprive themselves of foods or go on certain “food plans” (eliminations or lifestyle plans). Because your body will rebel. In other words…you need to just let yourself eat instead.

So, what if you want that kraft dinner? (years from now you might never want to eat it..but now, even if you are not sure? LET yourself). Same with cake (the whole damn cake)….you might devour whole cakes forever for a long, long time. That’s okay. LET yourself. This is almost the process you have to go through to get through the other side.

That rotisserie chicken in the deli section that is not organic and is saturated in skin and sauce? Let yourself. Don’t just stare at it and be disordered about it. That bag of snack chips you want to hunker down with at 10 pm? Let yourself.

Dark chocolate every night? Yep, that’s good. But milk chocolate is good too. Or chocolate truffles with filling and any others. Let yourself. Don’t wait and wait and just allow yourself to have it only one blue moon or never let yourself have it at all because it would break the “clean rules”.

Rice at 8 pm with dinner? Let yourself. That big bedtime snack? Let yourself. That english muffin with cheese and jam and peanut butter? Let yourself.

And when you overeat at night -when you binge and overdo the sweets and treats…and you feel like crap….do NOT torture yourself the next morning by eating nothing or simply sucking on a smoothie…

If I binge late at night (and I do)…I don’t want to feel that guilt the next morning. YES, I feel like crap —but making myself eat something that I think I “should”? NO…that only CONTINUES the madness.

So wake up and eat a big of oats or cereal or toast with more…what have you got to lose?….continue to eat 6x a day…eat grains + protein + fat + dessert at each meal and snack….

LET yourself eat muffins and grains after 4 pm…YES you can…YES you can!

That hamburger you really want? That one with ketchup? And you feel “guilt” because it is not organic and all that jazz? LET yourself have it.  Ground beef in a chilli? Let yourself. Split pea soup with crusty bread and butter after? Let yourself?

Ice cream? REAL ice cream. Let yourself.

Articles for thought:

– Anything on www.pbandjenny.com is interesting to read.

– This article on why “binging” is not truly “bingeing” if you’ve ever held disordered eating habits (notice I say habits that are disordered…I’m not saying “eating disorder”….you don’t have to be obese or skinny to be eating disordered:


That article also touches on why really eating a lot to recover from past disordered eating + full rest (no exercise) is ultra important…otherwise you will probably find yourself in future always hanging on to those stubborn pounds or never feeling satisfied, or being amennorheic, etc…

Other very interesting articles regarding binging and stop feeling guilty: http://www.gwynetholwyn.com/blog/2011/10/4/weight-recovered-and-still-bingeing-now-what.html

So frozen pizza and a store-bought cake with vanilla icing ? Why not? In future (long distant future) you may not want that stuff….you may not even be sure you want it now….but you are tired of feeling like you cannot…you are tired of feeling like you have to “good” and “right” and “clean”.

This is why I would never ever be able to follow the diet plan of a blogger or a lifestyle (like paleo, or vegetarian , etc etc). BECAUSE your body is not ready for it. Your body wants freedom. LET it have that freedom and don’t feel that guilt.